The story behind the name.

Our name brings laser focus to our Foundation. We believe that God has done and will continue to do, far more abundantly and immeasurable more than we ask or imagine according to the power at work within us.  (Ephesians 3:20)  We believe that God has done and will continue to do things for His Kingdom that will blow our minds!  We also know and understand God invites us to have a role in this.  In Matthew 25:14-30 the Bible calls this story The Parable of the talents. 

We believe three valuable truths.  First, God is the one who entrusts his servants with his talents according to their ability. (Matt. 25:15) So simply put, God is the giver of resources.  Secondly, the master will return to settle the accounts. (Matt. 25:19)  We will be held accountable with what we do with our lives.  Did we invest our 5 talents well?  Thirdly,  We desire to experience the masters joy at the end of our lives. (Matt. 25:21)  We desire to run our leg of the race intentionally and tirelessly.  We desire to please our Father with our lives and to hear him say, “Well done!” 

What we believe.

The world is full of people that believe one way but live another. Activity must match theology or it becomes hypocrisy.   We want to be people of action!  We desire to leverage capital, leadership, influence and relationship for maximum Kingdom Impact.  We believe The Kingdom moves forward faster when all four of these are aligned.  The Bible references this in Matthew 25: 14-30.  Aim5 will develop partnerships with individuals, churches, organizations and NGO’s that match this theology.

What we do.

AIM5 Foundation will work hard at developing partnerships with individuals, organizations, churches and NGO’s to advance God’s Kingdom efficiently and effectively.  We will look for opportunities to give of our resources generously.  We win when our partners win!  We want to invest the resources that God has asked us to steward, to get maximum return.   We will work hard for our partners and together we see life change!